Become a part of our growing network

For growers looking to connect with retailers or become involved in community development and working with government to enact public policy, we have solutions that will organize and connect you through different markets.

If you are a grower and are looking to market your crops to dispensaries but do not know the correct route to follow, Professional Organics has the ability to guide your growing operation as a business consultant with the added benefit that you know that our ultimate goal is to connect your product with retailers.

Our job is to make sure that your entire operation is within the scope of state and federal law and to ensure that you have the benefit of being able to sell to our retailer network.

Business expansion

Your operation is going well, but is there greater opportunities on the horizon? Our professionals can assist you in evaluating each business growth opportunity to make sure it matches your overall business strategy and will help you attain your financial goals.

Specialty crops & CBD

Traditional row crops may not be your only avenue for generating value from your farmland. Specialty crop contracts for CBD can be very lucrative and we can help you determine the correct strategy for you.

Litigation support

We document every aspect of the farms we manage, appraise, and sell making us an invaluable resource, should the need arise.