Elected Officials & Government

Services for Government and Elected Officials

The Timing is right to position your community, and adopt a local ordinance for sales and cultivation of medical cannabis. We are here to support you in helping to develop a policy as it relates to medical cannabis sales and cultivation, in your community.

No one understand the political minefield that medical cannabis is better than us. Being able to serve your community while spearheading lucrative and innovative opportunities for business through legal, organized and ethical dispensaries brings forward a unique challenge. Professional Organics provides you with experience from both sides of the fence. Our principals and several of our partners have been elected officials serving their constituents for many years. Along with our legal counsel you can be sure that Professional Organics will provide you with the necessary experience to manage your campaign, develop public policy and create business opportunities for your community. Every solution is specifically developed with you and your constituents in mind. Our experience is what sets us apart.

Develop Responsible Public Policy

Under our guidance we can review or develop policies that will allow for the responsible allocation of business licenses to dispensaries and cultivators. Always with the benefit of the community in mind.

Community Outreach

Get your message out. There is no more important point in medical cannabis than the lack of information. We help you get the facts about your policy, the benefits of bringing dispensaries and cultivators into the city and provide you with the services and factual materials to inform the public.

Campaign Management

We know the ins and outs of a successful campaign development, management and administration. If you are looking to win, we can help. Our principals and staff have over 40 years of experience and our team members and consultants are the best in the field. We can manage campaigns for candidates or for policy.