Business & Dispensaries

When the supply and local government relations are established the business side is almost straightforward. However you can be sure we will support you through the process of applying and obtaining a license by looking over our process overview.

Dispensary Licenses

The process of obtaining a license for a Medical Marijuana business can be excruciatingly difficult and almost purposefully complicated. Adding to this difficulty the fact that each city, county or state has their own laws and statutes can create a very overwhelming process. However Professional Organics facilitates all three elements of opening a dispensary.
We make the process simple and streamlined by doing all of the work of contacting elected officials, gathering information and necessary requirements and potentially serving as your representative. Depending on the criteria or process we will either make sure you obtain the highest possible score or work to facilitate the approvalĀ process.
Having a strong strategy and plan is key to obtaining a license. Our process has been organized into two key phases:

The Application Phase and the Operational Phase

Application Phase

Operational Consulting